Valla V250E

  • Maximum Capacity: 55,100 lbs
  • Crane Total Weight with Traction Battery: 53,350 lbs
  • Height Of Completely Lifted Retracted Boom: 21'
  • Height Of Hook From Ground With Horizontal Boom: 3′ 2″
  • Maximum Grade Of Completely Lifted Boom: 60°

6 Wheels structure made in high quality steel, with internal counterweights, closed cabin as standard

  • Front: n°4 superelastic wheels 355/65 - R15”
  • Rear: n°2 superelastic wheels 355/65 - R15”

Rear traction with differential axle with reduction gear, powered by electric motor AC – 30 kW controlled by inverter.

Hydraulic System:

Powered by electric motor DC – 33 kW controlled by inverter

  • N°4 brake shoes on front axle
  • N°2 brake shoes on rear axle

Rear steering by hydraulic motor installed on fifth wheel


Manufactured in high quality steel, composed by four elements: main boom and three telescopic hydraulic sections with proportional extension.

Power Supply:



96V - 1120 Ah

Boom's Control:

By can-bus joystick inside the cabin

Drive Control:

By pedals and steering wheel inside the cabin


Safety System:

Electronic load moment indicator (LMI) with display for load, boom’s position and boom’s angle control.


Hydraulic winch, manual Jib, hydraulic Jib, radio remote control, non marking wheels, self levelling hydraulic forks, battery watering system, on board battery charger, carry deck.


Note: All specifications are subject to change. Consult Valla for latest specifications


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