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We’re commited to our customers. That’s why we’re always ready to get you up and running again, whether you need repairs, maintenance, or an inspection.

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Jack DeCorte

Service Manager

OFFICE: 708-237-2081

CELL: 708-514-0715


Nicole Czok

Service Coordinator

OFFICE: 708-237-2082

CELL: 708-205-4673


Crane & Machinery Service

In the Midwest, Crane & Machinery is a leader in the repair, maintenance and certification of cranes and other lifting equipment. Our trained and experienced staff is available whenever you need us to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently. At Crane & Machinery we service our customers’ equipment with a sense of urgency unmatched in the business. We understand that if your equipment isn’t working, neither are you!

Crane & Machinery’s trained mechanics can perform the following services on your equipment:

  • OSHA Certifications Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • ANSI On-Site Repairs at your Shop or Job Site
  • Re-Paint/Decal Warranty Repairs/Insurance Claims
  • Crane Inspections Dielectric Testing
  • Parts and Retail Sales Warranty
  • Download Parts and Retail Sales Warranty

OSHA requires that prior to initial use, all new and altered cranes shall be inspected by a qualified technician in compliance with the provisions of their stated standards. Additionally, regular inspections that range from daily to annual intervals are required for various components dependent upon their degree of exposure to wear, deterioration or malfunction. OSHA also requires dated records on critical items to be made readily available. You can rely on Crane & Machinery certified inspectors to perform inspect and certify your cranes to keep you in compliance with OSHA.

Crane & Machinery offers Electrical Tests (Dielectric) for your Insulating Aerial Devices as well as the Periodic Inspection of your mobile unit. With safety being your utmost concern, call our Service Manager to schedule your testing and inspection.
Our field representative will complete the work on site, at your convenience, and prepared to provide any required service or maintenance. Our fees are based on actual time spent, without any minimum charge.

  • Ensure compliance with ANSI Standard A92.2.
    ANSI A9.2 / 5.3.2 Qualification Test. Each insulating aerial device shall be tested in accordance with Section 5.4.2 to insure compliance with the electrical qualification requirement as appropriate.
  • ANSIA9.2 / 5.3.4 Periodic Electrical Test. Each insulating aerial deice shall be periodically electrically tested in accordance with Section 5.4.3 to verify the dielectric resistivity and detect conductivity changes in its insulating sections.
  • ANSIA9.2 / 8.2.4 Periodic Inspection or Test. An inspection of the mobile unit shall be performed as the intervals defined in 8.2.2 depending upon its activity, severity of service and environment.

Call Jack DeCorte @ 708-514-0715 with questions or concerns regarding ANSI requirements


  • Crane & Machinery’s service department can customize a preventive maintenance program for your equipment to help you achieve the following goals
  • Extend equipment life Avoid costly downtime and repairs
  • Prevent Accidents Improve utilization

Management reports provided by Crane & Machinery’s service department will enable your company to analyze the cost of operating your equipment accurately and better manage your fleet and your budgets. Written estimates are provided on all repairs as well as reliability reports to help you determine the remaining useful life of your equipment.


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